Updated: Hauter bills pass, headed to the Governor

I was honored to have some bills I sponsored pass both the House and the Senate this spring.

The first, House Bill 3109, will help address the shortage of physicians in Illinois and remove some of the stigma attached to those who seek mental health treatment. The legislation ensures that questions concerning the mental health of health care professionals when licensing are current and compliant. It passed the House by a vote of 105-0.

Senate Bill 1376 was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Sally Turner and is intended to help veterans and their families find housing. It will require housing agencies to consider the military status of any member of a family while determining the family’s eligibility for services for homeless veterans and their families. I was the sponsor in the House where it passed 104-0.

A third bill which passed was House Bill 3516, which I was the chief co-sponsor along with a large bipartisan group. This legislation will increase marrow and organ donation from living donors by allowing those donors to take paid time off. This bill passed the House 108-0.

All three bills are now awaiting the Governor’s signature to become law.

UPDATE: SB 1376 was signed into law on Friday June 9.