State Rep. Bill Hauter’s statement on TRO on new law targeting crisis pregnancy centers

Morton, IL – A federal judge has issued a Temporary Restraining Order on a new law giving virtually unlimited authority to the Attorney General to target crisis pregnancy centers, according to State Representative Bill Hauter (R-Morton).

Senate Bill 1909 was signed into law on July 27, 2023. The law is being challenged on the grounds it violates the First Amendment rights of pro-life activists. A federal judge has granted a stay in the National Institute of Family Life Advocates et al. v. Raoul lawsuit while the merits of the case are being considered.

Rep. Hauter is a pro-life physician, and he and his wife have been active in pregnancy help centers in Central Illinois. 

“When this bill came up for a debate on the House, I immediately thought of all the good people I know who work, volunteer, pray and donate to give pro-life options to women who are scared and struggling with difficult pregnancy decisions,” Hauter said. “It was appalling to see these good people insulted and lied about on the House floor just because the political elites in our state want to intimidate and silence pro-life pregnancy resource centers. While we can and do disagree on abortion, there should be basic agreement that free speech, equality under the law and freedom of religion must be protected. Thankfully, our brilliant Constitution has protected us, at least for now, from those that seek to take our civil rights from us.”

National Institute of Family Life Advocates et al. v. Raoul could have repercussions beyond just the State of Illinois, Hauter said.

“Do we have a Constitutional right of free speech? This lawsuit could either re-establish rights of citizens to express their political views and deeply held religious beliefs or it could be what they want – which is to chill and punish any speech pro-abortion extremists don’t condone,” Hauter said. “There is a lot riding on this case. Thankfully, for now freedom reigns and the State cannot enforce this blatant attack on our civil liberties.”